Pour-Overs like V60 are very simple and easy to brew coffee with. The cone, V60, is small and light making it portable and easy to carry for your travel or office. It allows coffee lovers to access a very simple and efficient coffee brewing approach. The V60 can make up to 3 brews per single extraction, depending on the cone size.

Requirements for a single cup brew (what you need?):

  • V60 Cone.

  • V60 paper filters.

  • Grind 19 grams of Hailed’s House Blend coffee to a medium size.

  • 300 grams of hot water.

  • Kettle “hyperlink”

  • Grinder “hyperlink”

  • Scale “optional”

  • A cup/server to brew into.


  1. Put your paper filter in the cone and pre-heat with hot water.

  2. Let boiling water rest til temperature reaches 95c +/- 3c.

  3. Put your coffee grounds in V60 and add 50 grams of water

  4. Distribute water evenly and allow to brew for 45 seconds until the coffee bed is exposed.

  5. Add 125 grams of water, high agitation, with intermittent pours over 30 seconds.

  6. Allow to fully drown (2 mins approximately).

  7. Add the rest of the water and gently stir with pour to distribute coffee extraction evenly.

  8. Pour in the middle for the last 5 seconds.

  9. Allow the coffee to fully drown into a cup.

  10. Brew time is 2-3 minutes.


Take a moment and enjoy!

V60 is very efficient and gives a well-balanced cup of coffee. It prepares 1-2 cup servings, best for a fast coffee brew. 

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