Arabic Coffee (Gah'wa)

Arabic Coffee (Gah'wa)

The way to brew the Arabic coffee is different from brewing a regular coffee. Here is a step-by-step guide to making the best Arabic coffee at home.

Requirements for one serving (what you need?):

  • Coffee pot/serving thermos.

  • Hailed Coffee Arabic Blend (Gah’wa)

  • Hot water.

  • Grinder. “optional”

  • Scale. “optional”

  • Serving cup.

Normal method:

  • Bring 1L of water to a boil in a pot.

  • Add 5 tbsp (35g) of ground coffee and gently boil for 10 minutes.

  • Strain and Serve.

Quick method: 

  • Add 2 tbps of Arabic coffee to a serving thermos.

  • Pour over boiling water.

  • Close the thermos tightly.

  • Shake the thermos well and leave it for five minutes before serving.

  • Serve and enjoy!

The amount of coffee can be adjusted based on your personal preference.

Savour the aromas of the Arabic Coffee (Gah’wa). Coffee amounts and sizes can be adjusted to your preference allowing you the possibility to serve multiple cups. 

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