A relatively new approach to making an espresso! The Nanopresso gives the ability to extract an espresso shot anywhere and on the go! If you’re an outdoors person and want an espresso shot accessible to you, this is your new friend! The device comes with two empty filter baskets for you to use right away or to store your coffee grinds.

Requirements for a single shot (what you need?):

  • Nanopresso.

  • 8 grams of Hailed House Blend coffee for a single basket: 16 grams for the barista kit. 

  • Grinder.

  • Hot water.

  • Cup to brew into.


  1. Pour hot water into the chamber and pump once to preheat the Nanopresso. 

  2. Let boiling water rest for a minute/til temperature reaches 95c +/- 3c.

  3. Grind 8 grams of coffee beans to a fine setting. 

  4. Insert coffee grounds into the basket and tamp coffee with the scoop. If you have the barista kit, a tamper is provided. 

  5. Add hot water to the chamber. 

  6. Assemble Nanopresso. 

  7. Start pumping espresso, about 1 pump in a second. 


Nanopresso is perfect for outdoors and travelling. A great approach to enjoying a shot of espresso on the go! 

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