Ice Dripper

Ice Dripper

An elegant way to make iced coffee! The Timemore ice dripper gives you the ability to enjoy a well-extracted cup of cold brew at your home! It is a light brewing system and can fit in your fridge easily.

Requirements for a two cup brew (what you need?):

  • Timemore ice dripper

  • Coarse grind, similar to kosher salt, 30 grams of Hailed House Blend.

  • 360 grams of water.

  • Grinder “optional”

  • Scale “optional”

  • Ice.


  1. Rinse the brew system with water.

  2. Place coffee grounds in the chamber and distribute evenly.

  3. Place the metal filter on top of coffee grounds.

  4. The coffee chamber should sit nicely in the upper container.

  5. Add ice to the first marker on the upper container.

  6. Pour cold water until the mark 4 on the server.

  7. Make sure your valve is in slow setting, 0-stop dripping, 1-4 slow to fast dripping.

  8. Put on the lid and let it brew for 3-4 hours.


Take it out of the fridge and enjoy a freshly served cold brew!

You may feel hot, but this is a great method for a refreshing cup of coffee. The Timemore ice dripper is convenient and can prepare a serving of 2-3 cups of cold brew!

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