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Hailed Espresso Beans

Hailed Espresso Beans

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Whole Beans or Ground Coffee

This is the blend of the perfect Hailed espresso drinks! It definitely takes some art to reproduce the drinks at home but if you have some barista skills, give it a shot!

The chocolatey profile has got fans trekking across town to sip on this perfect pull.

FAQ: Can it be used for non-espresso coffee prep methods?

ABSOLUTELY! Let your imagination go wild. No rules here!

Is this blend used to make the Hailed Latte?

Yes it is!


Weight: 340g.

Coffee Information

Profile: Medium Roast
Tasting Notes: Bright, sweet, chocolatey, hints of caramel

Ground Coffee orders

To maintain freshness, we grind the beans as soon as your order chimes in!

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